Base booking costs will include 2 first responders trained in emergency care level 3 and ambulance, which will be a set amount per hour. This will be the same if you do not require ambulance but wish to have a gazebo instead. All extra personnel required will be charged at half the hourly rate per person per hour.

Any booking taking place more than 25 miles from home base will be charged for fuel at a cost of 50p per mile.

All bookings are secured by a £25 non refundable booking fee which will come off the invoice. On the day full break down will be on the invoice.

All invoices are to be paid in full either on the day or within 2 weeks of event minus your booking fee as shown on invoice.

Failure to pay invoice within 2 weeks will incur a 15% daily increase thereafter.

Failure to pay in FULL within a month may result in legal proceedings being pursued which will incur legal costs as well of lose of earnings on attending court

If your event is cancelled due to weather or acts out of your control booking fee will be put to following year provided you rebook at time of cancellation, If the following year you have to cancel then unfortunately the booking fee will be lost

We will honour first event pricing for 3 years providing that 3 years are booked at the same time, so if you know that you will have same event, same time for 3 years that is what you will pay and the £25 will secure the 3 year bookings.

If you are holding more than 1 event a year then the £25 booking fee will be charged on first booking ONLY. This means if you know your dates book them all in at the first booking. The same price will be charged for each event at price less the booking fee so the event cost on the first invoice will be £25 cheaper, all subsequent invoices will be event price only.